Setting internet Speedy modem TP-LINK

Some time ago I Speedy to install internet connections in the boarding house because of three was having ” trouble ” . I bought the Wireless Router to use Linksys WRT54G for 600rb (info : now the price has come down in Malang, East Java, so 565rb ) .

After an active ADSL , I try to connect between ADSL modem and Linksys , but it seems the internet connection can connect ga .

I ubek – ubek nyari tutorial in google , but apparently many of the results of copas . Still have not find any solution , I urungkan intention to install the wifi . Anyway connection 3 has also been updated and lancir really … :beer:

Then I came home in Blitar . I reset the settings in linksys . Then I insert the CD program, I connect the speedy > ADSL Modem > Linksys > Laptop via LAN . I follow the instructions on the CD. And while the internet connection test apparently did not succeed . Then I set web-based course. And apparently the internet is accessible in LAN and Wifi … sip dah .

Well , the steps Linksys AP settings are as follows :

Software Configuration
1 . TP -LINK modem settings
Plug a modem cable into the LAN port .
Type in in a web browser.

( If you install XAMPP or Appserver , please disabled first)

Log in with admin , password: admin
from the speedy setting does not need to change , just turn off the DHCP server.

Control is loaded first by technicians speedy . Normally : and
Note the two DNS address it. This control will be used on the router later .

2 . Setting on linksys router
Plug the cable into one of the four LAN ports .
Type in in a web browser
Default , if the username is not in changing the settings …
Username : blank
Password : admin


Select a static IP
Internet IP Address : (This is the IP that are recognized by the Linksys modem )
Subnet Mask:
Gateway : (This is the gateway from the modem , which connects to an intermediary port speedy path )
Static DNS 1 : ( Match the settings from speedy )
Static DNS 2 : ( Match the settings from speedy )

Local IP Address : (this is a Wireless- LAN IP from the Linksys router , which is recognizable by the client computer )
Subnet Mask:
Click Apply and then continue
Additional information :
If typing results will be similar to , because it is the second IP address of the router , for configuration.

DHCP Server : Enable
Starting IP Address : ( IP devices , such as your laptop will be given an IP when it is detected by a Linksys router )
Maximum Number of DHCP Users: 10 (fill in the number of clients that want)

Client Lease Time: 0 minutes ( 0 means one day )
Click Apply , and then continue .

On the menu WIRELESS > > > Wireless Basic Settings

Network Mode : Mixed
Network Name ( SSID ) : ADAbisnis Hotspot ( according to your wishes )
Radio Band : auto
Wide Channel : auto
Standard Channel: auto
Wireless SSID Broadcast : Enable
Click Apply and then continue

If you want to use a password to connect:
Wireless – > Wireless Security – > Enabled
Select WEP , WPA , etc.
Contents passphrase. In WEP , the key will be generated , just select Key 1 . Then use the key on the computer client.
This is used to protect your Internet connection from pencolong .
Click Apply , and then continue .

3 . Connect All Devicenya
Hardware Configuration
Chronology of connections :
SPEEDY Connection – > MODEM TP -LINK – > Wireless Router LINKSYS – > WIRELESS DEVICE (Computer Client)

Description :
speedy connection to the modem using the telephone cable through the splitter .
Kokeksi modem to the linksys using standard blue cable ( RJ -45 LAN network cable ) .
linksys connection to the laptop , wirelessly , do not need cable.

4 . Testing
From a command prompt
If no reply , it means the modem can wirelessly diconfigurasi

If no reply , it means that your wireless router can be configured wirelessly .

If no reply means you ‘re ready nyebur to the virtual world !

5 . Browsing is time … .
Connection is ready to use, speedy can be accessed from a distance of yards wirelessly !

To ensure type: on your web browser


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