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  1. AFC Asian Cup 2011: Japan and Uzbekistan Escaped Into Semifinal
    22 January 2011 No Comment

    Japan and Uzbekistan ultimately ensure themselves qualify for the semifinal round of the 2011 Asian Cup (AFC Asian Cup 2011). In the first quarter-final, Japan defeated host Qatar with a score of 3-2. In other matches, Uzbekistan beat Jordan succeeded, through two goals scored by Ulugbek Bakaev. Uzbekistan 2-1 victory over Jordan.

    Uzbekistan who won Group A deal with Jordan which ranks second Group B. Both teams seemed cautious in the beginning of the game, though chances for both teams gained opportunities. Both teams had received a golden opportunity when there was chaos in front of goal, but no one has a goal. Until after the first round of the position was still 0-0.

    At the beginning of the second half, Uzbekistan immediately kicked off defense of Jordan. A violation committed by Mohammad Al Dmeiri against Server Djeparov yielded a free kick. Free kick was headed to the front of goalkeeper Jordan, Ulugbek Bakaev apart from the offside trap successfully heading the ball into Jordan’s goal in minute 46. Ulugbek Bakaev scored again for Uzbekistan, utilizing feedback from left-wing flat, Jasur Khasanov, Bakaev directing the ball into the goal with no time to be driven goalie Jordan, Amer Shafi. Uzbekistan a 2-0 lead.

    Disadvantaged Jordan 0-2 to make the players began to increase attacks. Jordan almost alone could reduce the lag when goalkeeper Uzbekistan, Ignatiy Nezerov, make mistakes in anticipating the ball cross. Goals for Jordan finally created in 58 minutes. Bani Yaseen managed to take advantage of throwing the ball from goalkeeper Uzbekistan to reduce the pace to be 1-2.

    Although Uzbekistan has not loosened superior attack. In 82 minutes, Uzbekistan had almost added advantage, unfortunately the kick was slightly widened Sanjar Tursunov. Jordan also got the opportunity through substitute Abdallah Deeb, but less than perfect ball control so successfully secured Nezerov. Until the game was over, Uzbekistan still winning 2-1 over Jordan.

    Japanese Conquer Host

    In previous matches, football giants of Asia, Japan, made it to the semifinals defeating host Qatar with a score of 3-2. Japan’s winning goal in the closing minutes after the match ahead. Masahiko Inoha, Japanese right-back scored the winning goal after receiving feedback from Japan’s Shinji Kagawa.

    The match between Qatar against Japan runs interesting and selling the attack occurred. Host the ambition to become champions on home turf to take the initiative to attack in the early minutes, Mesaad Ali and Sebastian Syria several times able to threaten the Japanese goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima guarded. Sebastian Suria bring Qatar unnggul first in minute 12. Host excellence not survive long after the club Borussia Dortmund striker, Shinji Kagawa Shinji Okazaki successful use of bait to convert into goals. The first round both teams drew 1-1.

    In the second half, returning the host continues to take a leading role in the defense banged on opponents. As a result, players naturalized Brazilian, Fabio Cesar newly signed four minutes to replace Mohamed Al Sayed managed to make the hosts back ahead on 63 minutes. Japan was lucky to have Shinji Kagawa, new players aged 21 this year again be the savior of Japan.

    Seven minutes after the goal Fabio Cesar, Kagawa again managed an equalizer for a 2-2. Shinji Kagawa again become a decisive actor Japan step into the semifinals. Towards the end of the game, managed to give assists to Kagawa Masahiko Inoha who make Qatar return vibrate goal nets for the third time. The end result of this quarterfinal match was won by Japan with a score of 3-2.

    With the two games tonight, Japan will challenge the winner between Iran against South Korea. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan will face the winner between Australia who met with Iraq in the quarterfinals. Two other quarterfinal matches will take place tomorrow (January 22, 2011), while the semifinals will take place on January 25, 2011.
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